Friday, February 15, 2008

A Day Off

I took this last Wednesday off because I really needed a day to myself when I could get some stuff done and relax. The week before had been really stressful and I had had to work the last two Saturdays, so I hadn't even had my weekends. As I hadn't taken a single day off since the beginning of the school year, I don't feel guilty at all. I was able to finally get my massage that I had had to reschedule twice due to a UIL practice meet and a meeting after school. I bought embroidery thread so that I could start working on embroidering the blocks of the graduation quilt that I am making for my little brother. I got some recording for Librivox done; a chapter of Rinkitink in Oz and a chapter of Agnes Grey. They still need to be edited. I also embroidered 4 designs for the quilt. It was a wonderful day! It was so nice having to only go to school for two days at a time!

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