Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Early out for the Students

Today we had an early out of sorts. The students all got to leave at 2 pm. (And no we did not make all of the classes shorter so that all of the classes could meet... we just skipped study hall and cut off 7th period in the middle. Which means that once again I have lost my 8th period class.) Notice that I say that the STUDENTS got to leave at 2. The teachers had a massive meeting for TAKS training. The English Language Arts TAKS Test is in two weeks so we had to go over the new procedures for the test administrators. All of the rest of the tests are in April.

In other news, meaning Librivox, I am making progress on my solo project, Agnes Grey. Three orphaned sections opened up in Les Miserables and I claimed them and have them turned in. I also claimed the last chapter of Edison, His Life and Inventions by Thomas Cummerford Martin and Frank Lewis Dyer. This is a very interesting biography of a very interesting person and I wanted to see it finished, so that I can listen to it.

Chris calls me an orphan snatcher, because I watch the orphans thread very closely and snatch them up. I like recording orphans, because I want to see books finished and sometimes those orphans are for projects that I had wanted to work on and couldn't because it was full...and now it's not. The orphans also give me some flexability. I don't sign up for a lot of chapters at one time because my recording time is so limited (Friday nights and early Saturday and Sunday), but if a chapter is still orphaned close to the weekend I will take it and there is not a long commitment.

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