Saturday, May 3, 2008

Completed Fifi!

I have completed Fifi finally! I have been holding off on posting because I have had difficulty obtaining a decent picture. I finally decided I should post and show you the pics I have and then come back and add the gorgeous pictures that Emerald is going to take for me.

First we have a picture of it in its finished glory while blocking. Yes, it really is THAT orange while wet.

This picture was taken on Monday, when I thought that I was going to wear it, but then I turned on the news and it was 37 degrees outside. 37! in Abilene on April 28th. So I changed into something else and then wore Fifi on Tuesday. I wore it again on Friday night. I really, really, really love this pattern/top! It is super comfortable and super cute. Don't you think so?
I want to make another one soon, probably in a plum or dark teal for some variation. The color on this one is really interesting. Thus the varying colors in posts. The color makes me think of a Creamsicle. It is just about that color of a soft orange.

Even though I made mine in the size medium and made it 3-4 inches longer than the cropped length in the pattern I still used only 5 balls of Rowan Calmer instead of the recommended 7. That means that since I bought it as a bag of 10 balls, I have enough left over for another one. I am hoping to be able to either trade or sell what I have left over to obtain yarn for a new one. The only thing that I am not completely sold on with this pattern is the dip in the center front and back. Before I make my next one, I want to experiment with changing the center section so that it doesn't end up so much longer than the rest of the top. I am thinking about continuing the three center cables, keeping the outer ones as staggered cables. This is based on my theory that the diagonal ribbing is what is causing the "V" shape in the center and that the cables won't do that. We'll see.


Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa,
We've never met IRL, but my mom (Mama Lynda to you) pointed me to your site. I LOVE the Cream-sickle Fifi top! I also love the fact that you've posted a picture of you modeling it. It is so frustrating when you only get to see the finished product laying flat on a table. It makes it hard to tell if you really like the finished product or not. The pattern is very flattering on you!

Anonymous said...

So you have officially inspired me to want to do handiwork again. As you know the only thing I can do is needlepoint, but I think I may try to make Mama and Papa Mac something similair to what I made for you and Chris's wedding. I have about two weeks before summer classes start again, so I think it is possible, maybe! Mel

Anonymous said...

That is sooooooo beutiful (just like you).

Anonymous said...

I think it is a good idea to experiment with the dip it is a little weird but the rest is super, SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!
Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!
ps I'm have lot of fun with "!"